Thursday, June 18, 2009

Myspace 3

Your Favorite Weapon;
'Failure by Design,'
'Logan to Government Central,'
and 'Last Chance to Lose Your Keys'
make me think of where I used to be
and where I am.
It sucks
to be so conflicted,
to get so attached to people.
Because it's been years, right,
and I'm still lost in my head.
Maybe movies this weekend?
Sunday afternoon/night.
Call me, okay?
I don't bite.
There's these lyrics that go
'So you know that you're never on your own'*
that keep playing in my head like
'Don't you know that you're better on your own.'
Writing to waste time. Sometimes I still rattle off the words
I think keep you safe.
I think something got crossed along the way,
and I feel like I'm going over the same things again and again, forever.

© Copyright 2007 Abby Almon
*Lyrics by Hellogoodbye

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